While the writing earns much deserved credit, the greatest asset to how well the characters play are Asselstine and Gamotin who, if this film is any indication, should both go on to have bigger careers.

Gamotin is similarly impressive, naturally charismatic in a way that we understand Betty’s infatuation with him. Both are dealing with complications in their lives, both are making mistakes and behaving in ways that are unnervingly human.
— The Playlist, October 2017

At the center of this film is the relationship between Betty (Reid Asselstine) and Danny (Darrel Gamotin). It’s almost a gimmick, but Wong makes it work exceptionally well, through careful writing and editing, and the performances of the excellent Asselstine and Gamotin.
— LA Times, October 2017

That the film works as well as it does is because of Reid Asselstine as Betty and Darrel Gamotin as Danny. Their performances are quiet and understated to the point of perfection.
— Unseenfilms.net, October 2017

It’s an odd, revolutionary style of theatre to create a show with that much audience interaction. It was an experience like no other, and I genuinely am going to say that it was one of the best shows I’ve ever had the honour of seeing.
— Queens University Journal, August 2017

With the talented Darrel Gamotin (Monday Nights, Banana Boys) directing, expect a funny and poignant solo show.
— Now Magazine, June 2017

Gamotin’s bashful and endearingly awkward way of appealing to his crush is charming and you can’t help but feel for the guy.
— Mooney on Theatre, April 2017

Performances of its new production begin at the Factory Studio Theatre on Wednesday with a new cast, who spoke about the characters they play and being Asian in Toronto today.
— Toronto Star, November 2015

The talented cast bring energy and substance to their portrayals. There’s BMW-driving businessman Rick (Simu Liu), who appears to have it all as his life spirals out of control; quiet, self-described nice guy Sheldon (Darrel Gamotin); doctor-to-be Michael (Matthew Gin), who’d rather be a writer; DJ and dropout Luke (Philip Nozuka); and anger-addled, beer-guzzling Dave (Oliver Koomsatira). Every actor in this cast pushes past archetypal boundaries to make rich emotional connections.
— Now Magazine, November 2015

Gamotin’s ‘Not My Exotic’, featuring an encounter between a prostitute (Caroline Mangosing) and her john (the playwright), is the evening’s most nuanced work. A sexy and barbed confrontation that leaves us wanting a longer scene between the pair.
— Now Magazine, July 2008